Men’s Guide to Geek Chic

There become a time while guys shied far from embracing their geeky side, but this fairly recent fashion favourite means they now not ought to. Geek elegant, which now has some near links to three hipster styles, is a well-recognized sub-set of fashion and one properly really worth dabbling in.

The largest aspect to recall about geek chic is the truth that less is more. This is a fashion that plays on vintage preconceptions of the geekiest pc programmers and design workers round, and in case you embrace the fashion too enthusiastically, you might turn out to be searching a bit too proper.

The correct information is that it’s distinctly easy to offer your self a little splash of geek chic. When you’re dressing for the office, switch your blouse for a photograph t-blouse, ideally one which references a comic e book character, computer-related in-shaggy dog story or an antique gaming device, and you’re already 1/2 manner there. Alternatively, pass for a plain or striped polo shirt but in place of pairing it with a in shape jacket, put on with a cardigan or V-necked jumper as a substitute.

On your legs, you need a pair of slender becoming trousers with a low upward push and a tapered leg. Wear those with running shoes including Converse excessive-tops or a couple of lace up brogues. When you’re doing geek sublime, you may additionally overlook about most sock guidelines and wear a vibrant or pattered pair even while you’ve got dark trousers on.

Corduroy trousers are another favorite, they’ve been lurking round in geek wardrobes for years and if you ensure they are long sufficient to accumulate at the top of your footwear and also you pair them with a thin leather-based belt, they may appearance fantastic for future years.

As with many seems, the satan is in the information and one of the maximum well acknowledged geek chic add-ons is a pair of thick rimmed, barely outsized glasses. However, only bask in this fashion in case you certainly do need prescription lenses, there’s nothing that will lose you greater geek cred than faking a need for specifications